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Laiki Rice Crackers

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I found out about Laiki on Twitter, of all places. To tell you the truth, though, I was never all that interested. They looked pretty boring—and there are plenty of cracker brands I trust and love. It wasn’t until I happened upon a Laiki display at Westside Market that I decided it probably couldn’t hurt to give them a try. So I laid down the $5 (ouch) and brought a bag home.

Before I gave the crackers a try, I was absolutely convinced they’d suck. I mean, look at them—they look like bad Triscuits. Despite all their good press, I remained unexcited. But I’ll admit it: I was dead wrong. Laiki’s crackers aren’t boring, and they certainly don’t taste like bad Triscuits. They’re light, crispy, and salty; in fact, the taste almost exactly like Bugles (but less sickening, for sure). Plus, they’re not all that bad for you, especially as chips and crackers go. The only ingredients in Laiki’s crackers are rice, palm oil, and salt—nothing more, nothing less. Not bad.

It probably goes without saying, then, that Laiki’s crackers are free from the top 8 allergens (including tree nuts, of course). But they certainly don’t taste allergen-free—perhaps because it isn’t as if Laiki has to scramble to find substitute ingredients. They’re just rice crackers—no ingredient substitutions necessary.

Anyway, these crackers have my full recommendation. Find Laiki’s crackers at Westside Market, Union Market, and various other health-minded stores around the city.

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