The Cookie Dough Café

One of The Cookie Dough Café's nut-free cookie dough cups

[Edit: No longer nut-free. Oh well.]

Before you get your hopes up: The Cookie Dough Café isn’t actually a café. But before you get your hopes down: They’re a company that sells edible cookie dough by the pint (or single-serving cup).

Most of their pints, which come in a bunch of different flavors, have a “may contain” warning. But their 4-packs (pictured above—from their website) are, in fact, nut-free (and egg-free, and kosher). Unfortunately, their website doesn’t have much allergen information on it, but I did send them an email, to which I received the following response:

All of our single serve products with the turquoise lidding are manufactured in a nut-free facility.  This is also stated on the packaging.  The pints with the black lids are produced in a separate facility that is NOT nut-free.

The single-serving cups only come in one flavor (chocolate chip), which is a shame, because their naked dough—plain, without chocolate chips—is my favorite. (Somehow, I managed to find a few pints that didn’t have “may contain” warnings on them, even though the others did—so I bought one. Probably a bad idea, but it ended up being fine. Same deal for the cookies & cream dough, which is really, really good.)

Anyway, the cookie dough is pretty decent, though I’m not sure it’s worth the price when you could just as easily make your own eggless dough. Still, I think it’s a cool product, and I do appreciate the fact that I can eat it without, you know, dying.

Find it at Morton Williams, Key Food, and Westside Market, usually somewhere between the cut-and-bake cookie dough and the yogurt.

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