Free2b Foods

A pack of Free2b caramel cups

Another day, another Whole Foods discovery. This time, it’s Free2b, a company that makes dark and milk chocolate sun(-butter) cups, mint cups, and caramel cups. Think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but with better chocolate—and, you know, without all the allergens.

As far as I know, Free2b only makes cups, but they’re all free from tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, corn, sesame, coconut, mustard, and pea. Note that their products aren’t free from dairy—though apparently they will be soon (and in all honesty, I’m really dreading the transition, as I’ve never had a decent piece of dairy-free milk chocolate). For the time being, though, their cups are really tasty. They don’t have that free-from taste, and I’d probably never have guessed they were so allergy-friendly if I hadn’t read the label. (Yeah, right. When was the last time I had the luxury of not reading a label? Probably right around the time I learned to read.)

Anyway. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the caramel, though a bit runny, is surprisingly good. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, so I’ve avoided the mint and the dark chocolate sun cups—but honestly, the caramel alone was enough to sell me on Free2b. Flavor-wise, it reminds me of Vermont Nut Free’s boxed caramels, which is a pretty high compliment in the world of nut-free chocolate. Certainly, they taste much better than I’d expected from a knockoff Reese’s cup.

I tried the milk chocolate sun cups, too, which were also way better than I’d expected. The last time I ate sunflower-seed butter was in my peanut-free elementary school cafeteria, and at that point, I absolutely hated the stuff. But I’ve since found that if you go into the first bite expecting a creamy sunflower-seed flavor (as opposed to a flavor that’s supposed to be similar to peanut butter’s), sunflower-seed butter is actually pretty great. Especially with chocolate.

Hopefully, Free2b’s cups will remain delicious throughout and beyond their split with dairy. For now, though, they have my full recommendation. Find them at Whole Foods or (in large quantities) on Free2b’s own website. But hurry up and get ’em while they’re milky. Unless you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy. Then…well, I guess you should probably wait a little while.

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  1. […] spent the better part of the last decade staying far, far away from the stuff. Last year, though, when I gave Free2b’s sun cups a try, I was forced to reconsider. I absolutely loved the sunflower-seed butter they’d used—and […]


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